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Better late than...totally forgotten and deleted like the other blogs.

So regardless of the fact that I probably have one reader (Neda, I appreciate your blog loyalty), I should still update this sucker more than once in a blue moon. Or full moon. Or whatever other kind of moon only happens on a rare and sporadic basis.

Anyway. Here's a little Halloween cheer for you:

Courtesy of My Milk Toof! I love that blog. Soooo adorable, but also takes so much painstaking work. I'm far too lazy to ever be that creative. Lesson #1 about me.

Halloween is a curious holiday. I love the lore aspect - the witches, ghosts, ghouls, haunting tales of supernatural feats, the idea that a single day a year connects the "mortal realm" and "other worlds" (I've been watching too many Disney Channel Original movies.) I love the candy, and this year I've even loved pumpkin carving. I used to hate it because it was too much work (see above) but this year it was actually kind of relaxing. Once I got past all the grunting and the goop and the threatening to cut my fingers off bits. 

Mine's all the way on the left. Thank you, Spooky House tracer. Unfortunately I think it has been eaten by bugs and mold by now. It was nice while it lasted.

I've completely forgotten my point by now.

Oh wait! I remember.

Ok so, I love the creepiness of Halloween. The one thing I hate? THE COSTUMES. I always get so stressed out. I want to be funny and kitschy, not Sexy Nurse or Sexy Cop or Sexy Human. Those are lame. However, I also don't care SO much about Halloween that I think of my costumes in advance. Usually they entail a week of prep time, some kind of headgear, and a last minute stop at American Apparel. I need to start writing costume ideas down in advance. I'm talking February. 

That's it. Next year I'm either going to be a reindeer or that seamstress lady from The Incredibles. Apparently I've already got the glasses.

What a sob story.

The nerd in me says,