Maddy Douglass

Knitter, lawyer, and safer beauty advocate in San Francisco. 

Loves coffee, crafting, and cheese plates.  


What a sob story.

I feel like my law-life would have been way easier if I'd known I wanted to do something lucrative-and-boring like estate planning. Take first year classes, bam. Take Wills & Trusts fall 2L year, bam. Take Family law and more property stuff, bam. Intern at tiny estate planning firm 1L and 2L year summers. Pass Bar, make big money, bam. Done.

Sadly, my career is currently going the way of the mechanical pencil - used by a limited pool, for limited purposes, not worth big monies.

I just want to be able to make enough in life to keep myself in coffee, knitting materials, and Louboutins. Is that so much to ask?

You'd think a Baby Lawyer would be better at this kind of thing...

Better late than...totally forgotten and deleted like the other blogs.