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Sunday Night Snug

Hey kids, Maddy here. On tonight's family-friendly episode of Maddy in Pajamas, we discuss...blogging. And my lack of it. And my lack of photographic accompaniment.

During a particularly interesting gchat with someone whose name rhymes with Schmallory SchmerSchmue, it was brought to my attention (by my own self-involvedness) that the only pictures I've posted on this blog have been of...food. That's weird. So here's a picture of a bunny. Someone once sent it to me during Wills & Trusts (freakin Jen) and said that it was me. I then posted it online everywhere and said, "This is me." People responded with a variety of "what an ugly bunny" comments, to my shock and awe. I think it's cute. But I may be biased.

Just to up the weird quotient a scotch, let me also [randomly] share with you the title of some posts-in-progress:

1. "something about the internet"
2. "rip off of a 90's teen show"
3. "something about suits"

and now, let's add to the list,

4. "My room smells like Indian food."

Oh yeah. I'm going places.

I don't want to be a lawyer anymore.

Crab tacos.