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Better than a lump of coal

Since the holidays are upon us, and photo blogs are always easy, I thought I'd let you know a couple of the items I'm putting on my Christmas list this year.


Yes they are a little overplayed, but damn if they're not comfortable as all heck. And they're sparkly! Perfect holiday attire.

2. Connor Stationery

My good friend Katie has the most insanely high quality stationery - done by Connor Stationery in NYC. Katie has the "love guns" cards but I'm more partial to the pomegranate insignia. Hand stamped and lined with tissue, these cards are definitely a luxury I don't need. That's what Christmas is for! 

3. Anything in leopard print.

Example: this iPhone case by J.Crew. Unfortunately, my boss already has it. No copy CATs allowed (get it? pun.)

4. Anything made by Alicia van Fleteren

She is without a doubt my favorite local artist I've discovered from my time at the shoe store. She designs and makes all of her jewelry and has great individualized pieces with quality gems. I have a pair of her ruby earrings that I've gotten numerous compliments on. Maybe when I have a real job I can add a matching necklace!

5. A wallet by Tracy Tanner

She makes incredible basic-but-fantastic leather goods. I want one of her wallets, BADLY. Like this one below, in "gloss emerald." Or even a simple makeup pouch.

6. Stocking stuffer wishes:

- A trip to the yarn store

- Time to knit things, read things, and drink cocoa.

- A real job

- Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men. 

Happy Holidays! Please try to take time and be thankful for what you have. Life is precious and short.




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