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Ugly Christmas Cookies

To be fair, I'll readily admit that my cooking skills have been lacking of late. And by "of late" I mean for the past 3 years since college (which forced me to somewhat forage for myself) when I have lived at home and been waited on hand and foot by my incredible-cook-of-a-mother. However, let me just say - baking cookies is HARD. You have to flour things! And cookie-cut things! And put them on a tray! It was a whole big thing.

So I decided to improvise. Instead of going for perfection, go for convection! (Hey it rhymes.) Instead of sprinkling them with love and joy, sprinkle them with tons of actual sprinkles! Make them delicious and not at all attractive. At Christmas, it's the thought that counts.

You've heard of ugly sweater parties? These are ugly cookies. I decided to share with you, loyal readers, my baking journey. With photographic evidence.


1. Get all your ingredients. Note the sugar cookie MIX.

2. Pick out your cookie cutters. NOTE THE CRAZY ONES ON THE BOTTOM. Someday I will need to bake T-Rex and Unicorn cookies FOR SURE.

3. Mix things and roll out the dough.

4. Realize dough is getting too hot so you have to put it in the fridge.

5. Start over! Be happy.

6. Decorate! I think this is supposed to be done AFTER the cookies are baked but this way was pretty hilarious as well.

Well... they can't all be winners. (Sorry little crunchy trumpets!)

7. TA DA! Be proud of yourself.

And that, dear readers, is how you enjoy yourself on a Friday night at Christmastide.

"Sure you can answer that text, but you're paying for lunch."