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Knitter, lawyer, and safer beauty advocate in San Francisco. 

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Knit Two Together: Inaugural Post!

READERS! Attention. To spice things up around these here parts, and to continue my new tradition (oxymoron?) of creating topical installments, I'm here to introduce the newest topical whosiewhatsi: Knit Two Together! You get to follow me through my knitting journeys. Which I'm sure will be enthralling for some of you (/sarcasm) but might actually show others a little more of my secret craft-a-palooza side. And there will be pictures!

My first project: using yarn I bought five years ago (I may even be underestimating that length of time) to make this sleeveless sweater in navy blue and hot pink stripes. Get ready, blogging world.

Pictorial evidence will follow... once I've done more than four rows.

Get those needles clacking, readers!

It's about time.

Baked Potato Bar!