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It's About TIme: Update Post

So my time-logging experiment...failed. What started out as meticulously recording and analyzing each 10-minute chunk of my day, a.k.a. this -

quickly devolved into this -

Somehow, I found it difficult to take time out of my free time to write down what I spent my time doing.

Just for funsies, here is a short summary of my average 8-hour day:

55% work
35% blogs and chat
10% lunch

with an over/under of about 10% on that work percentage.

In short, time-logging is the kind of thing that can probably be a truly eye-opening experience, if utilized appropriately. I may have to wait another few months for my maturity level to really peak until I'm ready to tackle that challenge.

To make it up to you, here's a tidbit of information that may or may not be more embarrassing than the above "picked up by Mom in SF" photo:

....Yes, I did show up at 10 am to see The Hunger Games.

Were any of you more successful in your time-logging endeavors? Click the email link on the sidebar, or comment below to share!

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