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I'm on a boat.

Obligatory title-joke aside (for reference, click here), I have been commuting via FERRY BOAT to my parents house in Marin for the past couple of weekends now. For those who may not know, my family recently moved from Palo Alto to Marin County. The easiest mode of public transport by which I can visit them is the ferry, and thus, the ferry I ride.

The first time I took the ferry early morning to San Francisco.

That time, I got myself a New Orleans style iced coffee at the famed Blue Bottle Coffee Co. You know, as a reward. For surviving the harrowing journey. Clearly.

The second time, my parents and I went to a great, rustic-style bakery to kill some time before they dropped me off at the ferry building in Larkspur. I'm 99% sure it was called "Rustic Bakery."

Gigantic bear claw. GIGANTIC. It could feed an entire township. In one of those places where they call cities "townships."

Amazing chai.

I promised my parents I wouldn't post any pictures of them, even though I have some great ones of dad eating the biggest bear claw known to man.

This most recent time, I didn't take any pictures - except of the book I bought (bad Maddy!) while waiting at the SF Ferry Building:

"642 Things to Write About" by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto. THERE'S AN SF WRITER'S GROTTO. I can't wait to crack this open! Maybe tomorrow?

As I look back, I'm wondering if my newfound ferry love has less to do with the actual boats in question, and more to do with the fact that I get to buy things while waiting for them. Interesting.

Experimenting with the Ollo

This is true.