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Things I want but can't have.

My dear friend Carly and I are doing something she has deemed "poverty April" - that is, self-induced financial restraint. We don't buy anything except groceries...and maybe allergy medication. You know, the necessities of life! Beyond that, we are restricted from making "fun" purchases for the entire month of April, as we attempt to save our extra pennies for better purposes. Like credit card bills.

Here are a few of the things I've seen lately that I would love to buy if I had the extra money. Since I cannot, I figured sharing them with you is just as good:

1. This gold vermeil necklace is so sweet and understated, and I love that the designer offers 18" chains upon request, because 16" is never long enough for me!

2. I have a renewed interest in all things vintage-style bicycle. And, since the move, a renewed interest in decor. This light switch is the perfect compromise!

3. I tried, I really tried, this weekend to come up with a reason for why I needed corkscrew coasters.

4. Because I always want new jeans... and I've never had a pair of classic Levi's before!

5. I have a few vintage Nancy Drew books and want to continue the collection wherever I can.

At least this gives me something to work towards... in May.

Do you have anything you're saving for?

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