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A trip to Salsa-lito

This weekend, my parents and I went to a great little taco place in Sausalito, aptly named "Salsalito." Too. Cute.  

You may not be able to tell by these pictures, but this place was so packed on such a gorgeous day that we were seated in a small alley- like offshoot of the main seating area. None of us cared. The chips were delicious and homemade, the salsa tasted like they had fire-roasted the tomatoes beforehand (an incredible touch), and the aqua fresca limeade came in huge beer stein-like mugs. 

We all tormented ourselves over the menu...

Of course, I got the fried oyster tacos that I've been dreaming about since I came here with friends last summer. They are literally soft tacos with fried oysters in the middle, topped with salsa and chipotle sauce. I've been craving them for months, and luckily we picked the sunniest day in recent SF history to go back for them.

Hi Mom!

Two peas in a taco.

Aqua Fresca Limeade! Huge and thirst-quenching. 

I can't wait to go back for these, yet again.

Mom got the crab tostada and it looked delicious too.

Fish decor!

If anyone is searching for a day trip, Salsalito is the place to go. The restaurant (stand? shop?) is right next to the water and far enough away from the tourist section of Sausalito to ensure a relaxing lunch. However, the place was popular enough that we had to wait 10-15 minutes for our alley-table. That's how you know it's good.

On a sunny day you could (should) take your food to go and eat it down by the sailboats. Next time maybe I'll coerce the parents into doing that so Big T can relive his sailing days and Mom can duck the seagulls. Fun for all. 

See you next time, tacos!

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