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New Series: One Two Three

Hey Bloggees, here's a new series I'm starting for those moments when I just want to share something random with you and need an organized format in which to do it - my "One Two Three" series! Title idea stolen from Bethany Joy Lenz's blog but hopefully she won't mind.

1. Tartine Bakery on 18th and Guerrero. 

This cafe is famous, and rightfully so. The handful of times I've been there, I was overwhelmed by the pastry choices and the hustle and bustle of other eager patrons, both good signs in a city where pricey cafes are a dime a dozen sometimes. On this most recent visit, my friends and I each got a hot pressed sandwich and a drink. We could have split one sandwich among the four of us - those sandwiches are beastly. Deliciously beastly! I don't usually like sandwich meat that isn't basic turkey, but I got the Pastrami sandwich and have never been happier. The horseradish was tangy, the meat was juicy but not chewy, and the gruyere topped everything off with a nice subtle flavor. Yes, I sound like an obnoxious blogger, but I swear to you this sandwich was incredible.

The price was a bit steep (I paid for two sandwiches, two iced teas, and some spiced nuts and it came out to about $45) but the sandwiches could have lasted us all day if we had eaten them for lunch instead of dinner. I highly recommend a visit to Tartine if you're in the mood for great food and you're having a splurge day!

2. Speaking of splurges, the renaissance of Footy Pajamas is in full swing thanks to One Piece!

This company is bringing back the footy pajamas of our youth, enticing us to pay way too much money for what is essentially a zip up snuggie by listing celebrities who are wearing these around town. I am all for comfort wear, and lord knows I am all for brand names, but I don't know if I could ever muster up the self-confidence to wear one of these on an errand run around town. At least not outside of L.A.

Regardless, we all know if I hit the jackpot someday, it's going to be my first purchase. Probably this winter-themed one shown above.

3. Speaking of style renaissances, I've rediscovered my  love of the eyelash curler.

This model sold by Sephora is probably not that much better than the original Revlon drugstore brand I currently own, but the tangerine color definitely adds a little flavor to the morning routine. In high school I bought an eyelash curler, presumably because some magazine suggested I do it "to make my eyes POP!" but never really understood how or why to use it beyond the first few attempts.

I'm not sure if my age (almost twenty-six, yeesh) has added a new level of makeup-maturity, or if I have simply read more magazines between now and ten years ago, but I suddenly get it. It really does work! Sometimes it's disappointing to see the mascara un-curl your lashes slightly after you've just mastered this art, but trust me, it's better than curling after application and seeing eyelashes get stuck to your curler and plucked out. No thank you.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of One Two Three!

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