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Yes, Please.

The other day, I broke my "bring food to work every day until you die" money-saving master plan... and got a sandwich from Andersen's Bakery on Market.

This sandwich... is amazing. 

Before we get to the glory that is the sandwich, here are some pictures of the cookies I miraculously resisted: 

Going in to a bakery at lunch and NOT buying every unconsumed croissant from that morning is one impressive feat, my friends.

Now, on to the real deal. The sandwich I lust after consistently while eating my homemade pasta-and-pesto three days in a row. The sandwich for which I broke my mini-Spending Fast. The sandwich that makes me not want to think about being vegetarian, ever, because then I couldn't have this for lunch.

The California BLT.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, AVOCADO, and SPROUTS. And did I mention Bacon? Perfectly crisp crunchy non-chewy-fat bacon.

Incredible. When looking into the face of overtime, and knowing you won't be eating lunch OR dinner without thinking about work, and won't be going home for hours and hours and hours, this sandwich is incredible.

(Of course, it can't hold a candle to the pressed sandwich from Tartine... but it's an at-work lunch, what do you expect?)

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