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The Rib Whip

Last weekend, a couple of friends and I tried Off the Grid's new Hayes Valley Friday night dinner event. There were three trucks there with a fourth restaurant in a kind of side-shack set up. After much deliberation and indecision (read: what smelled the best), Lauren and I decided to try...

The Rib Whip.

That may not have been such a good idea.

Let me back up and set the scene: 

An Indian food-themed food truck (that also had fish & chips as its fish special of the night?) which probably would have been great...had we tried it.

See those people? They probably didn't get pseudo-food poisoning.

That girl on the right? The blonde? She was smart. She got a VEGGIE sandwich from some place called "The Grub Shack." It had a fried egg on it! And avocado! I love both of those things!

Doesn't that look delicious? NEXT TIME, "Wingless," YOU SHALL BE MINE.

But Lauren and I... oh, Lauren and I. We had to be gutsy. We had to want the BBQ. We had to get The Rib Whip.

Lauren, don't look so excited.

We should have noticed this was the one truck with no line.

There may be some readers thinking, "BUT MADDY. You were buying meat from a truck. Don't you think you should have expected it a leeeetle bit?"

No way, Jose! Food trucks are SF's newest attraction. They are EVERYWHERE. They have even been organized by Off the Grid into lunch and dinner events dispersed throughout the city on different days, culminating in a huge Friday night meetup at Fort Mason. They have over twenty trucks there on Fridays! That's when you know it's getting real - they have MANAGEMENT for crying out loud.

Also, sorry Mom, but I've eaten hot dogs from a street vendor with a teeny cart at 3am ("Mission dogs") that have never made me feel so gross. 

Scoping out Lauren's beef brisket sandwich...

And she's a goner.

This was my pulled pork sandwich. It looked amazing, it tasted amazing, and eight hours later it felt like a small woodland creature was trying to burrow its way out of my stomach. Not cool, Rib Whip.

Overall, lesson learned: I may never eat BBQ from a truck again. At least not until I go to another OTG event, and smell something completely delectable, and forget about this past "adventure." Which will probably be within the week.

Next time, I'm trying the Indian fish & chips.

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