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Hot Spot: Cafe Flore

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren and I ventured out to Cafe Flore in the Castro district for brunch. I'd only ever seen this cafe for wine nights and hadn't had the pleasure of doing any daytime dining there yet...until this glorious Saturday depicted below!

Mackenzie, the group's official mascot, enjoyed her day out in the sunshine. Minimal barking! Good girl.

See how sunny and beautiful it was?!

Lauren, my brunch buddy! She works herself to the bone, so I cherish every spare weekend-day she has to brunch with me. Usually the third musketeer Lily (and others!) accompany, but this time it was a duo-date.

I also frequently borrow her clothes for last-minute wardrobe changes. Thank god I have friends with good style.

Coffee? Necessary.

I'm trying to put more pictures of myself on here - if I'm willing to photog and post pictures of everyone and everything else, then I should get over the embarrassment of asking friends to take shots of me too! Luckily for me, Lauren doesn't mind. 

(Note: see the scarf? Lauren's. Wardrobe change. Boo ya.)

A little spinach frittata on a Saturday morning! They also included herbed potatoes and cheese INSIDE. I love when restaurants put potatoes inside something typically non-potatoed. Makes my day.

Lauren got eggs benedict and it looked AMAZING. Next time I should just suck it up, get the fatty benedict, and make myself go running after. Or do steps 1-2, and scratch step 3. You've got to live a little sometimes!

Thank you, Cafe Flore! I love your brunch.

(Those pigeon-pokers still make me squirm though. Yeesh.)

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