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Greenish thumb

For Mother's Day, my mom and I went on a little greenery-seeking adventure at a well-known Marin garden store (whose name I cannot remember... whoops.)

It sure was gorgeous though.

Notice the green "when pigs fly" statute in the bottom right?

Marigolds, or chrysanthemums? 

Succulents! The one plant variety it is nearly impossible for me to kill.

Have you seen that Miracle Grow commercial about a woman who kills all of her plants? 
This girl. Right here.

Even their earthenware pots are gorgeous.

Oh hey, Momma!

I LOVE lavender. I want to make lavender flavored everything. One of my favorite cafes in SF has lavender lemonade and it is something I am sure to be craving all summer. Must find recipe to recreate this sweet sweet nectar, or prepare to spend all my spare cash going to retrieve said lemonade across town.

I really, really wanted this guy to live in our backyard.

But then I got a strawberry plant instead!

It was a very happy Mother's Day.

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