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More Apartment Accoutrements

Announcement, Bloggees:

I'm moving in to my sublet today!

 Unfortunately for my inner Martha Stewart, the sublet is almost fully furnished. I'm taking towels and sheets from home to supplement their stash, and borrowing a complete bed frame and mattress from a friend. 

Fortunately for my bank account, this means I have no excuse to spend money on home furnishings. At least not until I find a permanent place sometime in August. Le sigh. A girl can dream!

Sur la Table has been having a sale on dish towels and tea towels (a.k.a. fancy dish towels - I don't really understand the distinction here besides some added formality) so I decided to snap quick pictures of a few of my favs. I have a thing for dish towels, because the right one can immediately brighten up a room, regardless of whether it's hanging out by the sink or waiting patiently on the oven door handle.

(Who AM I?)

A time for tea!

Good fresh milk

Olive branches

I do NOT understand the ruffle on one edge. ONE edge.


So soft.

Once I had moved beyond the idea of potentially purchasing dish towels for a fully-furnished apartment I am only subletting for 2 months, I saw some other items to add to my someday-wishlist.

Colorful placemats! Adds immediate style to a meal.

I don't drink enough wine to warrant purchasing this wine monkey for myself...yet. Give me a month or so. I can learn!

I normally don't like anything too kitsch...oh, who are we kidding, yes I do. Correction - I normally don't like anything this medium in its kitsch-level (it should either be elegant and classy or terrifically ugly) but these are corn on the cob salt and pepper shakers. Amazing.

I LOVE love LOVE this pseudo-rustic pottery style where some of the pottery shows through the glaze. SLT has an entire dishware set in this style and I want it.

Oh how I WISH I baked often enough to warrant buying these cupcake papers! There are almost too many choices here. Almost.

These ones are my favorite. Give me a Russian nesting doll and I'll give you a happy Maddy!

I didn't get a chance to take pictures, but today I did, in fact, purchase a single-cup coffee filter and some glass tupperware for the new apartment. Hopefully these shall be used in a Fork it Over post STAT. 

Until next time, Bloggees. I hope you're better at keeping those budgets in check than I am. If you're not...someone pick me up those Russian doll cupcake papers! You know those are necessary.

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