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Hello Readers! I'M BACK. I have internet again! And a slightly stronger sense of self-sufficiency (how's that for some alliteration?), at least where my ability to activate electronics is concerned.

My internet-absence the past week or so has left me with several photo-heavy posts, since the past two weekends were both filled to the brim with social engagements. Which means more compounded fun for you all!

First up: Bay to Breakers weekend!

My friend Camille and I decided to go as Where's Waldo, and spent literally the entire afternoon on the Saturday before B2B trying to find the following: a red and white striped shirt, and a red knit cap. That was it! That was all we needed. Apparently, those are ridiculous requests this season. We finally found the shirts, and the caps, but the caps on Waldo's head had pompoms!

Not to be out-authenticated by any other Waldos we might run across, I fashioned us some pompoms from a tutorial I found on One Sheepish Girl. Camille was easily impressed by my crafting skills. Whatever, I'll take the compliment!


In case you were wondering, YES, we were the best Waldo's.

My friends Lily and Lauren (regulars on this here Blog) went as Bottomless Mimosas. I'm going to be selfish and take credit for that idea too, and then go right ahead and say I completely ditched them in favor of the easier Waldo plan. Sorry girls. I owe you a costume!

Lauren said their orange shirts made them look like janitors. Bottomless Janitors. Oh well, it's Bay to Breakers! At least the girls had pants on under their shirts. Many people usually do not.

The gorgeous Janitors Mimosas!

My fellow Waldo surveying the scene...

...which included a fully-nude man in the bottom right corner (if you care to find THAT Waldo.)

We don't know these people, Liv just wanted a picture with their fancy costumes.

Douglass spelled with TWO S's! I had to take photographic proof.

Please ignore the crazy eyes in this picture, this is the only close up of the Waldo's-Squared.

After the things I saw that day, I definitely understand why they're cutting back on alcohol consumption during and after the race. The park we were in got cleared out by police around 2pm, which sounds early but in actuality was probably a decent time to force everyone to go home and take a nap. 

I'm not sure how much I'll participate in B2B next year, but if I decide to get all gussied up again, at least I'll have a costume!

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