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Knit Two Together update: Sleeveless sweater

Hello Bloggees! I promise I haven't abandoned my Knit Two Together goals as much as it seems... I'm just slowly working in the background, plodding along with my knitting like an oxen pulling a cart planting the seeds of a harvest that has yet to be seen -

Ok, somewhere in there, that analogy went rogue. Let's forget about the oxen. I'm still knitting, just slowly, but surely! I have managed to create something that currently looks like it could someday take the shape of an item someone could wear. Kind of.

34 rows of almost-sweater!

Now it has reached the point where I must begin inserting navy stripes, using some method known as the "jogless stripes" technique. As much as I love knitting, I am still amazed at how many instructions that seem to create a jumble of tangled yarn, when followed carefully enough, eventually produce something quite aesthetically satisfying.

Well, we'll just have to see if that happens in this case.

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