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Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers

A couple of months ago, Sophia and I bought tickets to go see Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers. This San Francisco-based band is a great mix of country, folk, and soul. Her voice is, for lack of a better term, velvety (I hate being cliche with my words but it just seems so right) and rustic with a sound seemingly beyond her years. I hadn't heard any of her music besides her Van Sessions before the show, but it was almost more fun experiencing each song for the first time in a live setting.


The Brothers Comatose - great bluegrass opening band!

Nicki singing with Brothers Comatose

Nicki Bluhm & the lead singer of Brothers Comatose

Sophia in poor lighting (sorry Soph)

See? The overalls don't look so weird on her!

Impromptu post-show a cappella session on the stairs of the venue
(We were already behind them, near the door.)

Maddy and Sophia

Nicki and Sophia

Of course I bought merch - Nicki Bluhm Klean Kanteen water bottle! 
You can't see it, but her logo is a horse face. So great.

After this show, I'm not sure I can go see bands in those huge venues anymore - being 10 feet away from an incredible creative soul is so much more inspiring. Don't laugh, but this makes me want to pick up my guitar again. And learn more than one song. And wear denim overalls - I swear she pulled them off better than any hipster I've seen yet.

Do you prefer big concert venues or smaller shows like this one? Anyone have a good concert story? I'm just starting to collect some of my own - I need to explore more SF venues first!

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