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Girls day at Ocean Beach

Two weekends ago, San Franciscans were privy to one of the most glorious SF-summer days in existence. I say SF-summer as a term distinct from regular-summer because in San Francisco, there is year-round fog. There are no exceptions. Every month has large amounts of fog coverage. In fact, yesterday, it sprinkled!

These 88-degree days are miracles by SF standards. So when one finally happened, the first of the summer season, everyone went to the beach. And I don't mean "everyone" in that "oh, so many people from my group of friends and some other people that we usually see at mutual friends parties and then some neighbors from down the block we happen to know the names of" way - I mean, everyone. Ocean Beach was filled to the brim. So of course the girls and I (god that sounds so Sex and the City) followed the masses...

First, we had to kick off the flips. And apply sunscreen!

Then we started in on the ice cream treats we bought on the way. Yes, we came prepared.

Then, we relaxed and ate many cheez-its.

I'm reading a book I picked up last fall called The Happiness Project.
So far it's attempting to be a little more scientific than I had expected, but I'll stick with it.

Mini Jellyfish in the sand! Can you see the tiny tentacles?

The masses...

Lily did this to herself.

After we un-buried Lily's legs (and brushed off my toes) we trekked back to our car, sandy towels in tow, and headed off for some dinner.

Fantastic summer Sunday in San Francisco.

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