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Pulled pork sandwich...from Heaven.

Two weeks ago I went back to SoMa StrEat Food for lunch with co-workers. Having decided to get a falafel I'd dreamed about since the wee hour of 10 am that morning I, of course, got distracted by the scintillating barbeque scents wafting from the Smokin Warehouse truck on the other side of the food park. They should make scented candles from that barbeque smell! Alright, maybe that's a little much...

Pulled pork, dripping with sauce, and coleslaw on top.
Side of potato salad? Yes please.


Even though it was slightly overcast that day, I decided to try out the Garden Creamery truck with one of my coworkers. She and I marveled at the many flavors of vegan sorbet, the "Dessert Sandwich" purported to be better than an It's It, and the ice cream flavors rivaling the creativity of Bi-Rite. I got Chai Tea ice cream (pictured below) and Lauren got Thai Iced Tea flavor. I tried some of hers...and it was entirely worth the $4. Mine too!

I can't imagine topping that lunch.

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