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Fork it Over: On the road again!

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for my blogging hiatuses (hiati?) but here we go again - I am sorry Bloggees! I have been traveling for work, essentially living out of hotels during the week, and coming home for family events and the rare moment of down-time on the weekends. If nothing else, this experience has been a lesson in learning to eat as healthfully as possible whilst also confining my grocery shopping to places I pass on the freeway, and the CVS down the street from my hotel. For example:

Garlic fries, sauteed mushrooms, grilled asparagus with lemon.

I stopped at the Nordstrom Cafe a few days ago on my way down to Salinas, and got these lovely side dishes. Funny how the fries were $3 cheaper and 3x larger than the two vegetable dishes, but that's America for you. I think this was a pretty good move on my part. It's balanced! It's nutritional! It has garlic fries!

Then came the pie. It was the Fourth of July, I had to have pie! Even if I was alone, in my hotel room. With an entire delectably flaky-crusted Strawberry-Rhubarb pie.

It was worth it.

Then...we have this week. My first meal this week consisted of everything orange: Mango Madness Snapple, Campbell's Tomato Soup, and CVS-brand cheese twists. Completely unintentional but somehow it makes sense that my brain would eat in color schemes.

The next time I hit up CVS, I tried to incorporate vegetables. Hey, V-8 is vegetables!  That Mexican Cola...not a vegetable. My mistake.

Apparently my mother also had V-8 and macaroni on the same day...coincidence? Probably. But I like it!

These Space Adventure Goldfish are - wait for it - out of this WORLD. 

I can't deny that all the travel been a great excuse to eat more Easy Mac in the past week than I've had in the past year. However, there are times I miss my roasting sessions! The lesson here? On the road, maybe I should stick to Nordstrom's food. At least then my meals involve things that are green.

Do you have any healthful traveling tricks? Or do you succumb to tantalizing snack temptation as easily as I do?

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