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Underground New York Public Library

I have many, many posts from my New York trip, as well as posts on articles I've read or things I've seen in the past couple of weeks on "the road" (read: living in a hotel in middle-California.) But first! I wanted to share with you this incredible blog that I found on Cup of Jo tonight:

The Underground New York Public Library is a blog by a professional photographer who photographs people reading on the subway. She includes captions of what their reading material is and sometimes posts comments and questions from readers. The whole blog is based on a really simple concept but somehow has a unique way of connecting people through these snapshots of an activity that often goes overlooked. Of course people read on the subway, that part surprises no one, but how often do you notice how many people do so, or what they are reading, or whether what they're reading surprises you based on your initial judgment of them? I love blogs like this that make you stop and think about a part of each day that passes too quickly and, too often, without notice, such that you will forever notice it in a different way.

I've always wanted a professional-grade camera but maybe seeing her work on this blog will motivate me to finally start saving. I'm going to need to start soon - the model after which I'm lusting is over $1000.

When it comes to quality things, I don't mess around - unfortunately for my bank account.

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