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Hot Spot Santa Cruz: Taqueria Michoacan

I've had to travel for work the past couple of weeks. If you follow me on Twitter you have probably had enough of my whining by now - it really wasn't that bad of a gig, and yet, I somehow felt like I'd been excommunicated to the Ozarks for a decade. Really, it was Salinas for a week. I'll survive. (I hope you all felt the sarcastic looks I was giving myself right then. Solidarity, Readers!)

The one day of enjoyment during this period of traveling was the day I got trained by my co-worker Emily. We found a taqueria down the street from the client's office, and got to pretend for almost an hour that we weren't trapped doing work in ninety degree weather, while the UC Santa Cruz students were getting ready for summer...

Fish tacos with a red sauce that made my eyes water...and it was worth it.

A "side" of beans - and Emily's carnitas tacos!

The aftermath: utter taco destruction.

Awkward photo. Try again.

Better! Also, the biggest Mexican Coca-Cola I've ever seen.

Sometimes, tacos just make you happy. And by "sometimes" I mean every day of my life.

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