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One Two Three: July 2012

I haven't done a One-Two-Three post in aaaages! And by ages, I mean, since my first one several weeks (months) ago.

Something for toes:

These "smoking slippers" by Charles Phillip combine my favorite new cut-out loafer style with the classic herringbone print of yore. I've been searching high and low for loafers in that cut, and if they weren't $135 shoes, I would snap them up...right now.

Something for eyes:

I'm convinced my job, which entails staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day, is going to ruin my eyes and force me to get glasses within a year or so. Luckily, Ray-Ban has the exact wannabe-hipster-Warhol-big-frame glasses style I want!

Something for brains:

I was reminded of this childhood favorite when I saw (presumably fake) lupins at Rustic Bakery. This book details the adventures of Miss Rumphius, also known as The Lupin Lady, who traveled around America spreading Lupin seeds throughout the hillsides so lovely batches of lavendar and azure blue lupins would bloom every spring. Surprisingly, I think this is one of the lesser-known children's books from my generation. Rectify that, internets!

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