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Bernal Heights walk

Yesterday I took a walk through Bernal Heights to the Good Life Grocery store on Cortland (the main "Bernal Heights" street.) Technically my sublet is in Bernal Flats, nearer to the Mission than to any other neighborhood, so I haven't spent a lot of my time in or around actual Bernal Heights.

One thing I noticed? The views are spectacular. I don't want to say "breathtaking" because, well, that's really cliche. Not to mention, my breath was already taken away from the ridiculous hills. Those are some steep hills. I just tried to motivate myself by considering it Half-Marathon training, but really, I had to go grocery shopping. And then, I had to get home. Those were some very good motivations.

But in between, there were sights like this:

In the very center of that last picture is downtown San Francisco. I wish it was better displayed here, but I promise you, seeing it in person from afar like that made me stop in my tracks. 

On the way back, I took a different route:

The Eastern (I think) side of the city.

I stood there for a couple of minutes just staring at downtown SF. This has really become my city over the past year, my home, but it's so "small" in comparison to other metropolitan areas that it's easy to forget how impressive the SF skyline can be. This city is beautiful, my friends. 

Of course, I Instagrammed some of these shots for a more saturated look -

(...Ok sue me. I love Instagram.)

I recommend any and all of you take a hike over to Bernal Hill soon and see the city from that perspective. You'll appreciate the up-close version, the one you see each day, all the more.

"I think it was the other direction."

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