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Sacramento Snacks

This post may be one of my more less-interesting (that's a mouthful of an oxymoron for ya) but seeing as the major theme of this blog is, ahem, "my life," I figured it would be fitting to occasionally record and report on the basics of my life. Like what I bought for lunch.

Last week was my last week of traveling for work for the foreseeable future, so I decided to splurge on my way to Sacramento and got a latte and a pre-made waffle at the cafe down the street from my apartment. Little did I expect to bite into a brioche waffle. It was...mind-blowing. At least, when compared to other foods typically consumed during a morning commute!

For lunch I went to Nugget Market about ten minutes away from the client's office. It's essentially a differently-branded Whole Foods, but it was comforting to know I could still purchase my overpriced kombucha drink and get a predictably decent deli sandwich while away from home. That said, this market had some extra Sacramento style that I've never seen in a Whole Foods market...

Rat Bastard root beer.

For some unknowable reason, I did not make this purchase. My actual meal: a turkey sandwich and horribly-sour lemonade. Neither of which was that thrilling or satisfying.

I should have gotten the Rat Bastard! You win this time, Universe (insert here: mental image of me shaking my fist at the heavens above.)

Bernal Heights walk

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