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Twitter Headquarters

Some coworkers and I sometimes take the grueling walk to a bakery on Market street to get sandwiches for lunch. The bakery, which I have touted before on this blog, has this amazing "vegetarian feast" sandwich that I usually get. Despite the incredible corny name, it is simply delicious. I regularly crave the avocado-sprouts-cucumbers concoction.

It was on one such day that we noticed, on the way back, a building across the street from the-place-with-the-delicious-sandwiches. The building looked older, stately, worn by time but still solid and fairly imposing in stature. One of my coworkers mentioned that she had often wondered what was in that building, what company or store or warehouse could it possibly be, because "all the people I've seen go in there are young and look super hip." Even as she mentioned this, a girl about my age, who looked impossibly cool, went through the doors.

Well, folks, a few hours later and we had our answer: Twitter Headquarters.

Of course Twitter works there. Of course.

(You think if I send them my resume, they'll consider me? I already know where the good sandwiches are.)

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