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Angel Island: Cafes, Critters, and Coastline (Day 1)

These pictures are so long overdue that I'm almost ashamed to post them now, but I realize that would only further deny you all the joy of seeing my life's adventures, to which I'm sure you look forward with baited breath.

These are from a camping trip I took in mid-July with several friends. We camped on Angel Island - a real island!

 Our trip was fraught with misadventure - first, we feared missing the last ferry to the island, and had to rush via $45 cab to Pier 39 with about 50 pounds of miscellaneous camping gear and snacks. Then, we weren't sure we even had a campsite until about 3pm, so we spent the afternoon lazing about the café area (it's an island with a café!) and evaluating our options for if we were to get kicked out of our site.

The ferry ride

The café

Hiking to the campsite with all this...

Finally, we were rewarded for our patience - we had a place to camp that night! We set up our tents and explored with a short walk down to the waterfront and to the bluff facing San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Those views were spectacular, especially at dusk.

Sophia's friend brought fresh-baked bread - we were fancy camping!
(I think that's now called "glamping." Ugh.)

Gatorade and Game of Thrones: the weekend's staples.

The girls: Camille, Sophia, and Yours Truly

After a basic dinner of quesadillas and beans we sat around the somewhat pathetic campfire (only pathetic because we weren't supposed to have one, and therefore relegated the flames to the cooking grill provided at the site) and tried to fend off the constantly roving raccoons.

I will admit, they freaked me out. Maybe my overactive imagination contributed to my fears (you think?), but I would bet money that they were purposefully flanking us from several sides, looking for an opening to attack. Who can blame them? Those quesadillas smelled good, even if they were made with Kraft singles slices. Camille knows I don't usually like those.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Day 2...!

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