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Angel Island: Cafes, Critters, and Coastline (Days 2 & 3)

Day Two of Camping.

THE SCENE: We each awaken in our respective tents, birds chirping gleefully outside, waves crashing on the shore below (ok, maybe we couldn't hear the waves), and wipe the sleep from our eyes. Camille and I, having shared a tent, pushed aside our mass market (read: thousand-pound) copies of the Game of Thrones series we're both reading, and head outside.

First, we see this:

Single-cup hand-dripped coffee made by our resident authentic Hipster, Joey. We essentially sat back the whole weekend and let him make fancy things while we, in awe of his preparation, continued to eat our Kraft-singles-based quesadillas. No, I'm never letting it go that we had Kraft singles. Yuck.

Then, the morning turned gruesome. We realized we had entered upon a grisly murder scene, the site of a deadly takedown, a horrific - you get the idea. We awoke to discover that the one food on which the roving raccoon bandits had managed to get their grubby little paws was the one food Camille most wanted at that time: the pancake mix.

She spent the rest of the day mourning that loss.

Luckily, we also had eggs. I can handle anything if I have a fried egg in front of me. True story.

They were so fresh, a feather was still attached. Both cute and gross!

Then, we went on a hike. Camille and I had to complete a four-mile run (which was not going to be a run that weekend) for our Nike Women's Marathon training program, so the others tagged along.

The views of San Francisco were spectacular. I took far too many pictures. Here they all are:

The ladies: Me, Camille, Sophia

The gents: Josh, Joey


Then, we went back to our campsite. To eat more.

Grilled cheese: Kraft singles and sandwich thins.

The rest of Day Two was spent relaxing at the campsite. Sophia, Josh, and Joey went on further exploratory excursions around the island, while Camille and I sat in our advanced-technology camping chairs and read.

On Day Three, we really only had the morning left to relax. Again, more reading. More mini-hikes. More scenic photography by Yours Truly.

My feet!

Then, we went down to the small "beach" (I use the term loosely) and dock area to wait for our ferry. There you have it! Camping on Angel Island, in all its glory. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new campsite and some amazing views of the bay. But beware: it takes a fair amount of planning to figure out the ferry schedules and secure the campsites.

And don't leave your pancake mix on the bottom shelf.


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