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One Two Three: Things I've Resisted Buying Lately

I've been trying to be good lately. I really have! My mother might disagree, seeing as she just recently unearthed a pair of short boots in my room that she'd never seen before (busted), but I have been trying to save money and remember my fiscal goals. Which are, generally, to have actual money in my possession. Money that doesn't go straight to either some Etsy shop or a credit card bill.

In that same vein of thought, I present to you my themed One-Two-Three suggestions for things I have resisted buying. All of these I have been tempted by in the past week, and have successfully held out against, but would gladly snap up were I to win thousands of dollars in a Publisher's Clearing House situation. Or, let's be real, even if I got a mini tax refund.

Something for my electronics:

I got this Booksi iPhone charger for my stepdad in July for his birthday, and he loved it, if I do say so myself. I got him the Ernest Hemingway version, but I really love this smaller, more vintage-feeling Spanish-Porteguese dictionary. Someday...someday! This charger will be mine!

Something for my schedule:

Every year I get a new planner (as is wont to happen...since every year the previous planner runs out of dates. Obviously Maddy.) I saw this lime green weekly Moleskine in a bookstore a week ago and almost bought it for 2013. Then, I realized it was August. Maybe I'll hold out until November for this purchase.

Something for my green thumb:

While browsing IKEA today for potential contributions to my soon-to-be new apartment, I passed a wall full of these small silver buckets hanging from a mounted wall rack. I love the idea of hanging small potted plants or herb seeds inside your apartment, near enough to natural light to thrive but not necessarily needing to perch precariously on a windowsill or balcony. IKEA is so cost-effective (read: cheap) that I might go back and get some soon, if I can figure out where to put them.

I've been able to withhold so far, but I'm only human. I may need good saving-vibes from all of my Bloggees out there.


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