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Hot Spot: Rickhouse

For our co-worker Daniel's last day at work, a few of us went out downtown after work to grab a drink at a bar called Rickhouse. I had actually been here before, as Lauren and Lily kept telling me what big fans they were of the bar, and I usually agree with their tastes. I went once with Lauren, on a slow night, and saw the general appeal but did not feel necessarily compelled to return.

My old-fashioned that I barely finished. Delicious but deadly.

Long story short, I'm glad I did. The drinks were strong enough to warrant the steep price and the decor - reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution - granted the place a level of commitment to the speakeasy theme that other bars I've been to have lacked.

Jesse had better luck with hers.

The front of the space.

Metal lighting fixtures

Their infamous punch with fruit


Jesse, Amy, and Lauren

The ladies

Some kind of mint-flavored cocktail

There were barrels and antique machinery set up in the corner; the lighting was comprised of tea lights at each table and fixtures of ancient metal-worked spheres; the infamous "punch" was served in vintage glass teacups; and the bartenders wore handlebar mustaches that I guarantee were not applied with adhesive. 

It is a very "cool" bar. If nothing else, you have to respect the effort. And the strength of their whiskey.

PS - Yes, Daniel actually did attend his own going-away party, he just neglected to insert himself into any of the photos until we all left and went to Ramen Underground afterwards. I didn't just make up an excuse to go out on a Thursday evening!

Hello world!

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