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DIY complete: Mini Boxy Makeup Bag

I finally did it, Bloggees! I finally did a DIY that I had put on my list! You all should know, by now, I get easily distracted. I set goals and sometimes (oftentimes - working on this) don't accomplish them in a timely manner. I am STILL working on this sweater for god's sake.

But in the course of the past month's events in my personal life (involving one of my closest friends in SF moving away) I decided to finally get up and do one of these projects as a going away present. There was a time crunch! Maybe I just need deadlines for all of my projects. Then again, I don't want anyone else to move away. So I'll find some other means of motivation...

Read on to see the learning curve on this Mini Boxy Makeup Bag DIY...

Step 1: Cut the fabric (two pieces of each fabric.)

I used oilcloth for the inside and heavier cotton for the outside.

Step 2: Pin to the zipper and sew zipper to all four pieces of fabric.

Steps 3, 4 & 5: Sew the bottom together inside out, then sew the sides through the zipper, and sew & cut the corners according to the tutorial.

My first bag turned out inside out due to a sewing error. My mother is now enjoying it.

Here is the final version (which turned out as I meant it to!): 

I love this tutorial! It was a little confusing for me at first, since it took me a few reads to realize (oops) that you need four pieces of fabric not just two. Once I figured that issue out, it was smooth sewing. I definitely plan to make more of these in the future...maybe even for my Etsy shop!

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