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Three by Four: The Kitchen Challenge

Alright Bloggees, it's time to push the envelope. Max it out. Push it to the limit. Ok, I literally just googled "synonyms for push the envelope" and couldn't come up with anything else, so that is where my verbal diversity ends. But you get the idea. It's time to challenge myself! I respond well to two things: deadlines, and challenges. I am a stubborn person. I may not get things done the perfect way, or even the easiest way, but I get them done!

This time, I'm challenging myself in the kitchen. I always say I want to cook, and in fact my Favorite Recipes pinboard is my biggest board, but I never take the time to really experiment in that arena. That's changing as of now! I've given myself about a week to settle in to the new apartment (more on that later) but now it's time to crank it up a notch (hey, I came up with another one after all!) by really living there and doing the things I'd normally do. In this case, I mean cooking, specifically.

I hereby officially and irrevocably and unabashedly challenge myself to cook something more complex than macaroni and cheese from a box at least three nights a week for four weeks, and record it here for your viewing pleasure.

Starting tonight with this dish:

Let the mouthwatering begin! Leave a comment below with ideas for Challenge Recipes, or just words of encouragement and cooking advice.

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