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One Two Three: Florals

Though summer is coming to an end in most areas, I am still very much focused on the biggest trend of the season: Florals. I love them. They are crazy and overwhelming and a little too girly for the average viewer and yet I still can't get enough of them, in all their fabulous pastel glory.

Something to Wear:
I own these jeans. I usually wear them with a black top and neutral flats, to tone down some of the insanity of the print, and yet I still asked my mother compulsively if my outfit was too crazy the first time I wore it out in public. I have since accepted the crazy and I now only wish I could wear them to work.

Something to Chair: 
When planning what furniture to bring to the new apartment, I immediately knew I wanted an armchair. I have wanted a comfortable, plush, old fashioned reading chair ever since I knew what a reading chair was. I saw this pattern on IKEA's website and it was almost enough to convince me to get the chair...Except for the fact that it was hugely uncomfortable for me, so I had to get one I could stand to sit in for more than five minutes. One that was not floral print. I love my chair, but I was this close to be inaugurated into the little old lady hall of fame.

Something to Air:
I love everything Benefit has ever made. Their new perfume is floral-based and perfect to wear as a light scent for everyday outings. I shouldn't be spending money on perfume, but maybe I can convince someone at Sephora to give me a sample...


I hope florals never go out of style.

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