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Hot Spot: Ramen Underground

Note: this post is best read after reading about our happy hour at Rickhouse so that you may fully comprehend the extent of our coworker outing on this particular day. We went from speakeasy-style drinks to ramen noodle soup in a span of about an hour and never batted an eye at the thematic disparity...that's how impressive both of these establishments are.

We continued our adventure across the street (literally directly across from Rickhouse) to Ramen Underground. I had heard about this mecca for ramen lovers but had never had the chance to try it before that evening. This restaurant lies somewhere on the amorphous border between Union Square and that Financial District - that means it's hopping during the week with business people craving a decent meal and tourists wandering about the 'Square, but during the weekends it's closed.

As this was one of the only times I ventured to FiDi during Ramen Underground's open hours, I was ecstatic that my coworkers wanted to try it too. A-plus for all of us that night.

The only downside? There were four of us and a pretty long wait. Ergo, we had ample time for the photo-shoot I'm about to show you:

Amy, Lauren, and Daniel

Daniel, Me, and Amy

Daniel, a little caught off-guard by the photo shoot.

Amy, hard at work sharing pics on social media!

We finally got inside! Then we went about deciphering the menu. 

I stuck with the Soy sauce broth and added dumplings. I can't get enough of anything with "dumpling" in the name. You should see me when I go to Dim Sum with my parents... It's a free for all. It's not pretty.

Lauren had a very important phone call. Luckily, she stayed for ramen before rushing off.

The Official Menu - more interesting than the laminated version.

Fried Gyoza (more dumplings!)

Soy sauce broth ramen. Salty, brothy, amazing.

I've only been back once but I can't wait to find an excuse to go again. I think the excuse might just be, "I really need ramen." Think that'll fly? 

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