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Five Things you didn't know about Oysters

You may not know this, but I love shellfish.

I was the nine-year-old who would willingly order steamed mussels at a restaurant and not want to share with her parents. My favorite seafood dish is still linguine with clams and white wine sauce. I don't particularly love shrimp, but give me a mollusk and some broth and I'm a happy woman.

It wasn't until sometime within the past year that I tried raw oysters for the first time, but my affinity for shellfish has not lessened at all with the introduction of this slippery delicacy. To help illustrate this point:

From my Seattle trip:

From a recent Sunday lunch with my parents:

Etc, etc.

So when I saw this article the other day informing me there were things I did not, in fact, know about oysters, I thought I would share it with you in case we were in the same boat: "Five Things You Didn't Know About Oysters." After reading that, I wanted to go immediately to Tomales Bay and take part in that community-oyster-garden project the article references. Maybe next spring!

All I can say is, oysters are pretty awesome shellfish...as long as you don't think about the more gross aspects of their biology, like the water-filtration parts. Ick. 

Update: This recent article describes some of the problems climate change have brought to the oyster community! Read if you love oysters and want them to stick around...

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