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Water Bobble

There are times when my mom will get me something, a scarf or a tea strainer or a book, and it won't be something I originally thought I'd like or use, but later I find it fantastically practical/stylish/secretly cool in one way or another. That's when I realize that my mom and I are pretty similar and she may actually know what she's talking about occasionally.

Then there are other times when I've thought about getting myself something, decided against it based purely on money, and she ends up getting it for me at some later date without even knowing I'd pondered buying it. Those are the times I'm kind of creeped out by our similarities and wonder if she's really me sent back from the future to guide present-me into becoming some intergalactic superstar. But then I'm also thankful! Because I get things I wanted anyway. Hey, it's the truth.

One of these things is the Water Bobble - a BPA free thin plastic water bottle with a built-in filter. Like a cute Brita!

I took it on my run this morning and it's perfect. It's incredibly thin and lightweight on its own so taking water on a run is no longer a hassle. I'm seriously obsessed and have already set up a "reminder" on the website for when I have to change the filter in two months. Maybe next time instead of pink I'll get one of these crazy multi-colored ones!

Thanks Mom. You spoil me...and I like it.

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