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Knit Two Together: Finished Sleeveless Sweater!

Bloggees, I have done it! I have successfully finished, completed, put out to pasture (wait, that's not right) my sleeveless sweater! I have been working on this sweater for months. MONTHS, I tell you. And it's not even a whole sweater! It doesn't have sleeves!


The upper back side has the navy colorblock part because I ran out of beige yarn - I MEAN, it was definitely a stylistic choice. Definitely. The third picture demonstrates the sizing...issues that I encountered. Namely, that it looks somewhat like a High-Fashion-Potato-Sack.

Hey, I was trying to work off of a one-size-only pattern created by a 5'9" woman who weighs about twenty pounds less than I do. I've learned my lesson about making adjustments.

You know what? Who cares. I can layer my HFPS over a tank and under a coat this winter with some black jeans and boots. Vegetable fashion is BACK. You're welcome.

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