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Family trip to Flora Grubb

My mom is an avid gardener, so one weekend she, my stepdad, and I trekked out to Flora Grubb in the Bayshore district.

I am obsessed with succulents, as they are one of the only plant varietals that I'm pretty sure I can't easily kill via neglect (although, I should probably check on the ones I bought on this trip...)

I also really enjoy this new trend of hanging moss (seen below) and terrariums filled with air plants (seen even more below.)

This display of colorful tables and chairs spans an entire outdoor wall. Very good marketing.

These succulents (one that looks like Bulbosaur from Pokémon, and one that looks like a pretty cactus flower) are sitting on my kitchen table right now. The earth tones in their coloring matches the clay pottery perfectly. I never thought I'd say this, but these plants are adorable. Plants can be adorable, yes?

I should probably go water them.

xo // Madeleine

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