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Even though it's still sunny most days in San Francisco, I am getting completely wrapped up in the holiday spirit (see what I did there.) My Pinterest account has become a mecca for homemade gift ideas, pretty paper wrapping suggestions, and holiday recipes.

Of course, I also love everything about winter clothing. Having grown up in the Bay Area and gone to school in Los Angeles, you'd think I would favor the warmer weather fashions of bikini tops and flip flops, but my favorite style pieces are chunky knit scarves and zip up boots. There's no more perfect day for me than a drizzly sky, thick blanket, and homemade soup.

Oh winter come faster! I can't wait to greet you in my oversized socks!

Something for the cold: I have never wanted a cape. It always seemed a little too dressy for my everyday jacket needs and, like Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky, I never knew what you were supposed to wear under it. However, she has convinced me! Her stylish outfit post featuring this hooded cape makes me want one for my own wintery outings.

Now accepting cape donations. Please email me for the shipping address!

Something for the crafter: My newest craft love is colored baker's twine. It can be used for wrapping gifts, affixing tags and cards, creating colorful bunting for parties, or can even be crocheted into sturdy organizational baskets.

Maybe this season I'll use some to make this hanging advent calendar.

Something for the chef: I ventured to Tartine with my parents several weekends ago and got a freshly baked Gougère, a pastry made of Gruyere cheese, thyme, and cracked pepper. It was about the size of both my hands put together (I have exceedingly small hands) and was absolutely satisfying.

This recipe from Williams-Sonoma details how to make appetizer-sized Gougères. This is clearly something I have to try before the holiday season is over. 

These are a few of my favorite parts of the holiday season, but don't be surprised if there are more One Two Three posts on this subject in the coming months. Winter isn't over for me until mid-March.

xo // Madeleine

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