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Maddy's First Outfit Post

While I have never touted myself as a Style Blogger (uppercase S uppercase B), I'd like to think I have a decent sense of style. Or, at the very least, an adventurous one. There are pieces I look at that I want to wear simply because they have an element of the outlandish or ridiculous to them (case in point: when I see anything that involves sequins and think about all of the times I would wear it non-ironically) and then there are pieces that are simply gorgeous and classic that I love incorporating into my everyday look.

Ok, I just said "everyday look." Stop me now.

All of that aside, I'd like to start sharing some of my more fun fashion choices with you intermittently on the blog. I may not be a Style Blogger per se but this blog is about my lifestyle, and what I choose to don each morning definitely demonstrates a part of My Lifestyle (capital M capital L.)

A few weeks ago I had a coworker (Thanks Lauren!) take pics of me after work to document a particularly colorful outfit, and I thought that would be a fitting start to this new tradition.

So...clearly I need to take a workshop on posing.

I am anticipating (read: I already know I am) upgrading my camera equipment sometime during the holiday season (read: Christmas morning), so I think the self-timer function will come in handy during future outfit posts, as I won't be forced to awkwardly ask my friends to take stilted pictures of me outside our office. An upgrade for all!

Also, I love those blue pants. That is the main point of this post.

xo // Madeleine

PS - Please bear with me while I sort out some photography issues. I am increasing the size of my pictures on here for aesthetic purposes, but some of the pictures I have stored up to post are not sharp enough to really adapt to that scale. More recent photos will be clearer and hopefully not have this pixelation issue. Thank you for your patience!

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