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Knit Two Together: "Desire" Pattern by Rowan Yarn

Now that I've finished my Sleeveless Sweater, I'm going to embark on a new knitting project! I have plans for other smaller pieces, like some wintery cowls and hats and maybe a few scarves for friends, and I will of course take pictures of them to show you all, but I don't consider them large projects to be tracked under the Knit Two Together title.

Any project that a) involves more than three skeins of yarn and b) can potentially take so long as to be discarded and forgotten about for months is deserving of tracking via this blog. Personal accountability, I say! That's how you finish sweaters that could otherwise drag on for ages. Hey, they still might.

This time around, I'm experimenting with something like lace knitting - the tunic pattern I'm following is long-sleeved and goes past the normal length of a shirt, but is not knit in a solid pattern and therefore has more of a light and airy feel to it. Well, you'll just have to see.

My favorite part is that it comes in a book full of patterns for a yarn named "Glamour." Seriously? Glamour. I'm using a different yarn than that one, as I don't really want to start knitting with sequins just yet, but the yarn shop clerk assured me it was the same type of yarn, just sans-sequins. Phew.

I'm even following the pattern exactly this time, to ensure no sizing snafus. Last night I cast on the stitches and knit the first row, but I'm hoping to make some more progress tonight. It may take a while, however. Did you see how tiny the yarn is? Let me show you again:

Yeah. I told my mom I would wear this to Thanksgiving dinner. On second thought, maybe not. But I'll give it a shot!

(Oh look, a knitting rhyme.)

xo // Madeleine

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