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Writing is hard.

So, this whole NaNoWriMo thing? I am failing miserably at it. 

The only day I did any actual writing was the first day, November 1st (pictured above.) It really is about commitment to the cause - you have to make yourself do it, every day, and be accepting of the gibberish and garbled language coming out of your fingertips. I created six characters, had no idea what to do with them, so just stopped doing anything at all. That's not how it gets done, Madeleine! Get it together. 

My friend Lauren is doing "her own version of NaNoWriMo" (a.k.a. on her own time schedule) so I think I need to adopt that line of thinking. None of this "oh, November's over! Guess I'll wait until next year." state of mind. None of that.

Back on the horse, missy.

xo // Madeleine

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