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Pretty things

It is legitimately dangerous for me to go into any kind of craft or art supply store with more than $10 in my checking account. I will spend it, and whatever I get will be super adorable and luxurious and worth the money, but it will sit in a corner for months until I finally get around to that project. The only reason I am making any headway on the sweater pattern from this post is because a) my mom bought the yarn, b) she asked me five times before paying if I was actually going to do it. So, there's that motivation.

So until that is finished, I only get to look.

I also spotted this book! It looks like it would be a nice, compact guide to several crafting projects to make your home a little more homemade and personalized. Although, if everyone you know has the same book and does the same projects, it's not quite so personalized. Quel conundrum.

xo // Madeleine

Happy Thanksgiving!

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