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Hot Spot: Zuni Cafe

Several weeks ago, I went to Zuni Café on Market with my parents. My mom absolutely loves this restaurant - we've used it for many a family reunion when we used to live further away from the city, so it's nice that now it's practically down the street from my apartment. I love San Francisco. 

The bread was incredible, so as obnoxiously bland as this photo may seem, it is necessary to properly document the full splendor of this meal. We also had oysters (I know.)


I had the Caesar salad for my main dish (hey, I ate all the bread, remember?) Incredible.

My mom got a mushroom linguine dish after which I lusted the second it was put on the table in front of her.


Then we got the flourless chocolate cake for dessert and I quit my whining.

Outside patio, on Market Street.

Needless to say, I'll take any excuse that I can to go here. Especially if it means we have to get cake.

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Afternoon snack.