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Over the month of December I got to meet up with some of my best friends from high school a few times. We keep in touch pretty regularly, but two live in New York, one lives in Chicago, one in San Diego (shout out to Felice!), and then of course Lily and I live in San Francisco. Oh yeah and Lauren lives in Austin (shout out to Lauren too!) So, when we get a chance to be together in the same physical space for catch up time, it's always extra special. Thank god their families still live here or we might never have group hangs!DSC_5867DSC_5868 On one such excursion, we went to SoMa StrEat Food (previously ref'd in this post and this post) since there were so many truck options and we could chat without worrying about anything beyond refueling the parking meter. I went straight for the pulled pork sandwich I'd had a couple times before - there were great trucks there, but I'm sorry, you show me the pulled pork glistening with barbeque sauce and dripping from coleslaw down the bun, and there are no other contenders. Case. Closed.DSC_5875Freyan and Nico:DSC_5869Kate and half of James's face:DSC_5883Freyan had just spent time traveling in India and Europe, and brought back souvenirs for us from her adventures! So sweet. She brought me some incredibly fancy looking tea and a gorgeous notebook. She knows me so well (no sarcasm!)DSC_5889Rachel got hand carved block stamps, which is perfect for her arty passions. Is that a thing people say, "arty passions"? Alright, it is now. Moving along.DSC_5890DSC_5892_2Lily got this gorgeous scarf, which is the best shade of blue for her!DSC_5896And Kate received...DSC_5899Triangle earrings! I wanted to steal them but I thought that would be rude. Ok I didn't really want to steal them, but I might borrow them the next time I'm in New York. If I'm flying all that way, it's the least Kate can do! Right?DSC_5901The best lesson I learned from this day was not to wear that shade of eyeshadow without eyeliner, because I look like I have some kind of strange eye disease. Oof. Ignore the eyes! Don't look into my eyes! Just warning you now.

The yellow background is from an old trolley car that SoMa StrEat Food Park has converted into a seating area with booths inside and picnic tables out on the porch.DSC_5903(I was very excited about my tea.)DSC_5906I hope we don't have to wait another twelve months before we're all in the same place at the same time again. Miss you lovely ladies!

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