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Pigs and Puppies.

I keep forgetting that I'm no longer in school, and as such the month of December is not referred to as "Christmas break" but, really, just December. My bad. During the "month of December" a.k.a. that time I went home for two weeks straight because I don't have a job a.k.a. Adult Christmas Break, my mom reminded me of just how nice it is to go home and be coddled like a small child for a period of time. And then I had to leave and come back to San Francisco and make my own meals so I didn't get too used to it. But before my return to adulthood, she made pigs in a blanket, and we watched movies with the dogs.DSC_6125Sophie was the only one who would sit still for photos, mostly because she was passed out by the fireplace the whole time whereas Spike was busy sniffing around the pigs in a blanket. If you ask me, they both had it right.DSC_6135DSC_6143DSC_6145Pigs in a Blanket:

-mini sausages (I want to try this with cut up fake sausage sometime)

-Pillsbury crescent rolls

-an oven

Cut each crescent roll triangle in 2-3 smaller triangles, place mini sausage at large end and roll until covered in dough. Cook at 350 for about 20 minutes or until dough is browned and cooked completely. Serve with toothpicks and Dijon mustard. Then, EAT! Quickly. Before your brother digs in. I've learned that from experience (I guess a six-foot-four kid is bound to have a larger appetite than normal but I still give him grief about it. It's my right as a sister.)

I need to stop posting about food, these pictures are making me hungry. Maybe I should get some Pillsbury dough this weekend...

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