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DSC_6732DSC_6737DSC_6742DSC_6750 What are you all doing for the weekend? I'm heading over to Oakland tonight with some friends for the Oakland Art Murmur and I'm super excited. We've been trying to go for months, MONTHS I TELL YOU, and have never gotten it together. It's hard to organize because this only happens the first Friday & Saturday of each month, so if you miss the first weekend you have to wait another month. Then another. And then you get to the "months" bit. But we are finally making it happen tonight! Finally. After months.

Ok I think you get the point.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of my SF book club. Yeah, that's right. I'm in two book clubs. TWO. Hey I wanted more hobbies in my life, right? I guess this fits the bill. And it makes me do all that reading I keep talking about. For tomorrow's club we read Brave New World (book review is coming at some point) and I am shocked at how much I liked it. I had always thought I'd read it in high school and then forgotten about it because I didn't have any particular memories of the reading experience. Turns out, I just never read it in high school. GO FIGURE. Now it might be one of my favorite books... at least until the next one I "reread." Life's funny that way.

Hope you all get around to relaxing and catching up on sleep and brunching and enjoying the fantastic SF weather and, oh yeah, that little football game is on Sunday so maybe you all had better watch a bit of that while you're at it (Go 49ers!)

Happy weekend! Enjoy life, my lovelies. Yadda yadda.

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