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Fork it Over: Sausage Pasta, round two

This meal is made essentially the same way as Sausage Pasta, round one, except instead of simmering the sauce for too long you just cook the onions and whatever vegetables you want and pour on some pre-made tomato sauce. This is the lazy version, which still requires all the chopping, but at least it takes a bit less cooking time. Plus, tomato sauce feels like an extra vegetable, so you can pretend you didn't pour on a solid cup of parmesan cheese afterward. Is that just me? Okay, just checking. DSC_6296DSC_6303DSC_6310Chop up your onion and sausage, sauté the onion until translucent, then cook down some spinach or vegetables on top.DSC_6313DSC_6315DSC_6317I added the sausage to avoid using too many different pans that night, but I think in general it's best to cook things individually as often as possible. There's some tip Julia Child supposedly shared (Ok, so maybe I only know this because I watched Julie & Julia. It's a good movie, and I don't care what anyone says, Amy Adams is a great actress. Even if the woman in that movie is totally hateful and obnoxious...even if!) that goes, "Don't crowd the mushrooms!" Meaning, if you put too much in one pan, they won't cook evenly. So! If you're like me, throw it on top of your onions. If you're like Julia Child, don't crowd the mushrooms. Or sausage bits.DSC_6319Open the sauce! Ta da. You could heat it up separately to avoid cooling down the whole dish when you mix it, but again, this depends on your level of laziness. Some nights are better for heating up the sauce than others.DSC_6326DSC_6329Cook the pasta! Again, I like using spirals or rigatoni or fusilli (is that what these are? I think so. I need a pasta chart in my kitchen. Maybe someone on Etsy has one...)DSC_6330DSC_6338Mix and add mountains of cheese. Obviously. This isn't even as much cheese as I put on for consumption, to be honest. This is just the presentable amount of cheese. DSC_6339I made a third version a few days later that I thought I'd share, with leftover green beans and broccolini. The "sauce" was some olive oil, salt, and pepper. The very first variety was still my favorite, but that's not hard to imagine since adding white wine to the simmering sauce brought this dish up a whole extra level of faux-classiness. DSC_6552This is essentially my new staple dish that I can pretend is healthy by throwing in whatever green items are in the fridge. Recently I made a pretty simple pasta alfredo dish with my new roommate, and I pretended it was healthy because we threw in some spinach and broccolini, but really it's still alfredo pasta. It was incredible, don't get me wrong, but this is a meal I feel more comfortable making at least once a week and eating for leftovers several meals in a row. What can I say? I'm getting boring in my old age! Plus lazy. Never forget, this is the lazy, healthy meal. I can at least leave you all with that image.  

Happy Valentine's Day!

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